About Elly

A lady who owned one of my landscapes kept it in her bedroom. She was very poorly at the time, confined to her bed, and one day she said to me that she would look at the painting and it made her happy. For a while she forgot the pain. That is the reason I paint. The painting itself was nothing special, in fact I look at it now in despair, but I know it served its purpose and I'm glad.

Elly Hadjipateras is a London based British figurative artist working mostly in oil. She has specialised in portraiture but in recent years has moved into landscapes and still lives while experimenting also with iPad art. Largely self taught, she has exhibited with Art for Youth and Lloyds Art Group where she won Best Artist and held a solo exhibition in 2010 at The Hellenic Centre in London. She was awarded the Royal Talens prize at the Artist of the Year 2017 held at the Mall Galleries by Artists and Illustrators Magazine.